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Superfine fiber Green Facial mask cloth 40g


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Product Brief

           TheSuperfine fiber invisible mask substrate, with superior lock water, skin friendly and other properties; the health, environmental characteristics is ordinary non-woven base fabric can match the; with our professional production control and stable supply management level, the series of invisible mask substrate is undoubtedly face film production business is the best choice.

1:Introduction of microfiber

The concept of superfine fiber comes from Japan. Microfiber is also called micro fiber, fine denier fiber and extremely fine fiber. The English name is microfiber. Generally, the fineness of monofilament is 0.3 -1.0 denier fiber is defined as superfine fiber. From 1970s till now, many countries all over the world have been researching and developing the functional use of superfine fiber. At present, microfiber is widely used in medical, home, clothing and beauty industries.

2:Fiber mechanism diagram of superfine fiber

3:Function and effect

1, antibacterial: the same amount of bacteria under the microscope observation, bacteria in cotton, wool fiber products can be a large number of reproduction, and superfine fiber products on the bacteria in 24 hours after being killed about 75%. This is because superfine fiber has natural antibacterial, anti mite, deodorant function. It has been proved by experiment that after 50 times of repeated washing, the sterilization effect is still over 98%, which can effectively control the two pollution problems of bacteria and mites in textiles

2, deodorization adsorption: superfine fiber inside special ultra-fine microporous structure, make it have strong adsorption ability, can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air, eliminate the bad smell. After exposure to the sun, the harmful substances can be evaporated and the adsorption function can be automatically regenerated.

3, moisture permeability: superfine fiber filament will be divided into eight valves using orangevalve type technology, the fiber surface area increases, porosity increased, with the help of capillary wicking effect enhancement essence absorption effect, because the porous ultrafine fibers and let it have excellent air permeability and heat transfer of water, and moisture quickly, people have very pleasantly cool.

4, mould wear: superfine fiber is very strong and tough, elongation of small, and not susceptible to corrosion mildew and insects, which is widely used in medical, Home Furnishing cleaning, textile and other fields, has powerful anti mildew wear, better prolong the service life of the goods.

4, superfine fiber non-woven fabric performance characteristics

Lock water: water contact superfine fiber super performance and water makes it lightweight fabric also can absorb more of the essence, greatly keep the essence skin care effect; fiber structure and special processing technology has created extraordinary optical properties, combination of skin color and perfect appearance, play the invisible effect;

Skin friendly breathable: produced fiber characteristics unique and specially optimized spunlaced process can effectively prevent tangles way water film formed between fabric and skin, brings hitherto unknown skin feeling; ultra low weight and special surface structure specifications bring incomparable permeability, bring out of the ordinary skin sensation for the end consumer。

Health and safety: fabric production process does not add any irritating ingredients, colony, harmful organic chemical residues, etc. through the Swiss SGS detection, to ensure the purity of the harmless to skin health cloth mask manufacturers more bring the flexibility in choosing reagents.

5:safety quality inspection report

6: automatic production machine

7:Professional ODM OEM


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