Camellia Mask cloth “Hidden secrets”

      Camellia is also known as camellia, Theaceae, plant, camellia is Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Chinese, native evergreen shrubs and trees, in the “top ten ranked seventh, is also one of the world’s rare flowers.
      Camellia fiber is rich in camellia oil extract,The essence of camellia oil is extracted from the seeds of Camellia.In front of fiber spinning,Infuse camellia oil essence into it,Fully permeable,After drying and combing by special process,That is, the formation of pure natural camellia fiber.Camellia Mask cloth is rich in Camellia essential oil,Oleic acid is an important part of Camellia,The oleic acid in camellia flowers is higher than other products,Be widely used.
     &nbspProvide nourishment for dry skin,Cuticle moisture less, easy to form dry skin,Resulting in oil, water can not be timely added,So that the skin becomes rough,Camellia Mask cloth contains a lot of beneficial oleic acid for human body.Can replenish the lost water in time,So as to help the skin moisturize and nourish the skin, radiate vitality and keep young forever.

     Camellia Mask cloth consists of 90% natural fibers,Natural biodegradation. Will not cause environmental damage, green environmental protection.