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Peppermint facial mask cloth


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Product Brief

                 The Mint invisible mask substrate, with superior lock water, skin friendly and other properties; the health, environmental characteristics is ordinary non-woven base fabric can match the; with our professional production control and stable supply management level, the series of invisible mask substrate is undoubtedly face film production business is the best choice.

 1: the nutritional value of peppermint

Mint contains I-menthol,I-menthol,Mint leaves and green, cool and fragrant

2:Natural fibre mechanism diagram

3:Function and effect

1:Stimulating and Inhibiting Nerve,Anti allergic and antipruritic

Herb Mint can stimulate the nerve center of the effect, the effect on the skin withburning sensation and cold sensation at the same time, it on the sensory nerve endingsand the role of inhibition and paralysis; therefore, it can be used for anti irritant agentand skin stimulant. Both on skin pruritus has antiallergic and antipruritic effect, alsohas apparent ease and analgesic effects of neuropathic pain and rheumatism, joint pain.

2:Antibacterial and antibacterial

The effect of the mint on the skin desensitization, anti – inflammation andantibacterial activity of the mosquito bite, and the effect of anti – inflammatory andanti – inflammatory for the upper respiratory tract infection;Mint Decoction on herpessimplex virus, forest virus, epidemic mumps virus inhibition。

3:Moist and beauty

Herb Mint contains mint and mint oil and other team human bodyis good for trace elements, the human skin has a good nutrition, moisture, whiteningeffect.

4:Natural aroma

Herb Mint in ancient oriental countries is very common, in Europe, there are more thanone thousand years of history. Ancient Greek men preferred smear peppermint perfumeto increase the charm and literature shows that ancient Romans and Greeks will with mintleaves as bath.Herb Mint contains natural mint fragrance, so that the user feelscomfortable and pleasant, and is used to produce natural essential oils.

5:Antioxidant, promote metabolism

Other ingredients include peppermint menthone, ISO menthone, menthol, mint estersand other ingredients. The other contains the spirit of a blade of a blade of a blade of aspirit, a mint, and a variety of free amino acids, etc.. Can play an antioxidant, and canpromote skin metabolism, is the skin can absorb nutrition.

6:Shrink pores, compact skinMint fibers containing menthol, can produce the skin is cold feeling, to shrink poresand firming skin effect. And make the skin feel refreshing cool and comfortable


4:Unique properties of peppermint fiber

Water retention and invisibili: fiber super water absorption and water retention performance of the thinner of the fabric also can absorb more of the essence, essence skin care effect to a great extent; special fiber structure and processing created beyond the unusual optical properties, do and skin color of a perfect fusion, invisible aesthetic effect;

Pro skin permeability: generated by the unique characteristics of fiber and devoted to the optimization of the spunlaced process tangles effectively prevent the fabric and skin is formed between the water film, bring unprecedented affixed to the skin feeling; ultra low gram weight and special surface structure standard bring unparalleled permeability, for the end consumer brings the thrill of distinctive skin;

The safety and health: truly 100% physical extraction plant fiber, fabric production process does not add any irritating ingredients, colony, harmful organic compounds, chemical residues were detected by the Swiss SGS, guarantee on the skin healthy and harmless fabric, pure bring Mask Makers in the reagent selection for greater flexibility.

Full environmental protection: ordinary mask substrate of polyester composition is non degradable white plastic, and the ordinary viscose preparation process to emissions of substances harmful to the environment, and series of fabric G15H002 made from 100% natural fiber composition, biological degradation, not on the environment caused any damage. The preparation process nor any emissions and life cycle green environmental protection.

5:Quality inspection report

6:Automatic production line

7:Professional ODM OEM


                   focus on the development and comprehensive application of the special quality fiber grade facial mask! We have been trying to meet the high standards of your mask and the pursuit of continuous innovation and innovation!