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Coconut bio Fiber Mask


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Product Brief

            Biological fiber facial mask is a kind of mask. It is made of pure natural fiber. Has the similar skin function, can pass oxygen the isolation bacterium, can use in burns and scalds the drape, is through the rigorous fermentation project, breeds the natural green fiber.


1: coconut biological fiber mask characteristics

1., good adhesion, breathable, non dripping:

The fine biological fiber is 3D solid interlaced structure,According to the design of human skin texture,The essence enters the pore through the passage.Go deep into the skin and inject oxygen into your skin,Discharge harmful substances,Lock moisture at the same time.

2:Pure natural

Pure natural coconut water and coconut food fermentation fermentation process for the same,Pure natural coconut water and coconut food fermentation fermentation process for the same,Safety health,Is a can eat mask base material.

3: ultra-fine nano scale:

Go deep into the skin and apply the skin to perfection,Made from pure coconut water,Biological fiber mask base material made by fermentation of wood vinegar bacillus,The fiber diameter reaches 1-100nm,Can penetrate to the bottom of the skin, conform to the skin texture.


Fermented from pure coconut water,Using biological fiber as raw material,It has good biodegradability,Environmental protection, low carbon, has a lasting vitality.

2: coconut biological fiber mask effect: Due to its unique ingredients,The biological fiber mask can better inhibit the activity of tyrosinase,Prevent pigmentation of the skin and form spots,Freckles,And can clearly contain oxygen free radicals,Also has excellentInsulation effect.It can promote the metabolism of the skin,Renew aged horniness,Natural whitening of the skin and smoothing of wrinkles,Make the skin smoother and more comfortable.

1:Remove grease dirt,After an hour, like a newborn baby

2: shrink pores: refine pores, remove blackheads, compact skin

3: whitening the skin

4: water: water molecules through the opening of the pores to enter, add to the loss of moisture, so that the skin more smooth, mellow.

3: membrane contrast

4: quality inspection report

5:Automated production machines

6: professional OEM, ODM


             focus on the development and comprehensive application of the special quality fiber grade facial mask! We have been trying to meet the high standards of your mask and the pursuit of continuous innovation and innovation!