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Red wine fiber Facial mask cloth


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Product Brief

             Red wine (grape) mask base cloth has whitening, anti-aging, anti wrinkle cleansing, spot, exfoliating, moisturizing the skin, clearing pores, dirt and oil, promoting blood circulation, activating the skin, preventing allergies and other effects.


1: the nutritional value of grapes

Grape contains a large number of grape seed polyphenol (also called anthocyanins), tannin, phenol anthocyanin and rich in vitamin C and E, etc.As early as 1993 the French bordeaux institute of the university is confirmed the antioxidant capacity of vitamin E 20 times, 50 times for vitamin C, grape seed polyphenols (polyphenols) can have the effect of antioxidant and anti-aging.Can tighten the skin, prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin, make skin more healthy, prevent aging.

2: ingredients and raw materials

Grape polyphenols in grape polyphenols extract, not a single nutrients, but is generally referred to as the composition of grape stems, seeds and skins in a variety of combination of complex molecules, including flavones, anthocyanin (OPC), tannin, etc., and the effect is anthocyanin OPC, director of the ingredients, but is generally referred to as the composition of grape stems, seeds and skins in a variety of combination of complex molecules, including flavones, anthocyanin (OPC), tannin, etc., and the effect of ingredients is anthocyanin, director of the OPC

3:efficacy and role

1:Whitening exfoliating: red wine acid to remove aging skin surface skin, promote skin renewal today, dilute the stain, but also has a certain whitening effect.

2: anti wrinkle Fangshuai nutrients: “grape seeds are rich in polyphenols, its anti-aging ability is 50 times the vitamin E, vitamin C is 25 times, while the low concentration of acid in red wine and anti wrinkle cleansing effect, therefore not only the skin effect of red wine on the face.

3:Pale spot:in fact, the mask made of red wine has achieved amazing results. Some people recover the elasticity of the skin, and some people on the face of acne soon had a marked improvement, and some people gray skin with a sheen, and some people freckle on the skin a lot.

4, clear pores, dirt and oil, promote blood circulation, activate the skin, prevent allergies.


4:Wine red mask with unique properties

Lock water contact: fiber super water absorption and water retention performance makes the base cloth of thinner also can absorb more of the essence, to keep the essence of the great degree skin effect;Special fiber structure and processing technology has created extraordinary optical performance, do it and the skin color perfect fusion, play stealth beautiful effect.

close skin breathe freely: unique fiber properties and the optimized way of spunlaced process of tangles effectively prevent water film is formed between the base fabric and skin, bring unprecedented to skin feeling;Low gram weight and specifications such as special surface structure to bring unparalleled permeability, for terminal customers bring different skin sensation.

safe and healthy: 100% real physical extraction plant fiber, fabric production process does not add any irritating ingredients, colony, harmful organisms, such as chemical residues are passed the Swiss SGS testing, ensure the harmless to skin health base fabric of pure sex to mask manufacturers greater flexibility on the reagent selection;

The entire environmental protection: ordinary mask base fabric is non-biodegradable polyester composition of white plastic, and the ordinary glue preparation is to discharge of harmful substances to the environment, and GT02 series base fabric is composed of 100% natural fiber, biodegradable, won’t cause any damage to the environment, its preparation process, does not have any emissions, the whole life cycle of green environmental protection.

5:Automatic production line

6:Professional ODM OEM


           focus on the development and comprehensive application of the special quality fiber grade facial mask! We have been trying to meet the high standards of your mask and the pursuit of continuous innovation and innovation!